A^21 Mask


The mask A^21 is a fashionable design for everyday. Depending on the mood of the day and your clothing, the black or coloured side can be worn on the outside.

The strikingly integrated neon part signalizes: I take part!
Now you show responsibility and are super attractive at the same time.


- Fabric: 97% finest cotton with 3% elastane.
- Elastic rubber band.
- Washable at 60° degrees.


S-M (recommended for women)
M-L (recommended for men)

The elastic band for the ears allows a certain flexibility between sizes.


Black + Grey

Important notice:

This product is not a medically approved respirator. This mask offers you a personal feeling of safety and reduces droplets that are emitted when you speak, cough or sneeze.

The mask should be washed at 60° after each use.

Sorry, this product is sold out.

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