Care instructions

Brass is a natural material that reacts to the environment. If you wear your brass jewelry a lot, it may be that the triangles change color. This is normal and not a cause for panic. The color can be easily removed with simple means and your body chain appears in new splendor. A few practical tips will help you to enjoy your jewelry for a long time.


Since your body chain is somehow a piece of clothing, we recommend that you store it as well. Take it off carefully and hang it directly on a hanger.

Cleaning method 1:

Mix half a cup of vinegar essence or 100% lemon juice with two teaspoons of sea salt. Now give the jewelry completely into the mixture. After 3 minutes, your jewelry shines like new.

Cleaning method 2:

In every drugstore there are chemical essences for the purification of precious metals, brass / copper / stainless steel. Gently rub in the parts, rinse under clean water, and you're done!