A^01 + W^01 Mask and Facechain


The combination of mask A^01 and facechain W^01 makes you a seer of current events. With your probing gaze you can see what needs to be done now to make our world a better place. You inspire others to do the same.
Perfect! WIR ^ Future Alle

Material Mask:

- Fabric: 97% finest cotton with 3% elastane.
- Elastic rubber band.
- Washable at 60° degrees.

Sizes Mask:

- S-M (recommended for women)
- M-L (recommended for men)

The elastic band for the ears allows a certain flexibility between sizes.

Colours Mask:

- Black + Grey

Material Facechain:

- brass silver plated
- brass gold plated
- brass rose gold

Important notice:

This product is not a medically approved respirator. This mask offers you a personal feeling of safety and reduces droplets that are emitted when you speak, cough or sneeze.

The mask should be washed at 60° after each use.

Sorry, this product is sold out.

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