WIR ^ Future Alle

Artenschutz / Species protection

The year 2020 starts with a situation that shakes the whole world and so our designer heart. ArianeTruisi has been dedicated to the topics of protection, strength and statement for more than 10 years. We couldn't help it and have developed Artenschutz. Artenschutz is a collection of masks. Combined with the WIR^ collection a statement for a common future.

WE^ as a species, the way we motivate ourselves, the way we live freedom and how we perceive our level of development in the 21st century.

WE^ wear Artenschutz for our personal sense of security, because we act better protected and are more considerate in making the right decisions.

Together we show ourselves and look together into the same future. As a sign of solidarity, as a sign of the times, culturally neutral for a collective consciousness!

WIR ^ Future Alle